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MLOps Toolkit Explained

From hardware to applications, discover the key factors to consider when building your machine learning toolkit

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AI landscape is an exciting space, but it’s not easy to navigate. Organisations struggle to build the right architecture, scale their existing initiatives and choose the most suitable hardware amongst others. Open source is widely adopted and addresses many of the challenges that enterprises face. Yet, they need to keep in mind security requirements as well as tooling integration. Often, they look for a toolkit that helps them get started.

MLOps toolkit

This guide presents a toolkit for organisations that want to build and scale their machine learning operations. It walks you through the entire stack, from the hardware layer to the application layer. It covers key factors to consider when building a solution, as well as suggested solutions for different parts of the stack. Organisations that are looking to run production-grade environments with enterprise support or managed services will also find this guide useful.

The machine learning toolkit includes:

  • Hardware and software that is already tested and validated on the market
  • Open source machine learning tools for data processing and models building
  • Container solutions for orchestration
  • Cloud computing with multiple options
  • Production-grade solutions that can be rolled out within an enterprise

A solution that covers all layers, from the OS to Apps, as well as the machine learning lifecycle, learn more by downloading the whitepaper.

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