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Meet our team at FST Government Australia

3 November 2022, Canberra, Australia

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While the COVID-19 pandemic and persisting ramifications of the bushfires forced the Australian Government to deliver a swift pivot to digital for citizens to access information, support and solutions about their lives and livelihoods, it was an opportunity to see what Australia is actually capable of in the digital space.

You can meet with the Canonical team on-site in this event and pick our experts’ brains about your particular open source scenario. Book a meeting with us in advance if you have a topic want to discuss or find our booth in the event venue.

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Meet with:

Geoff Andrews

APAC Enterprise Sales

Adam Segman

Sales Development Representative

About Ubuntu Pro

Ubuntu Pro is the leading Linux in the public cloud running over 50% of Linux workloads globally due to its reliability, stability and ease of use.

As the publishers of Ubuntu, we went one step further and developed a premium Ubuntu Pro image, to deliver the most comprehensive open source security and compliance, which is a premium solution for Federal Government organizations, federal agencies and their contractors that are required to operate in high-security environments to ensure the safety of sensitive data.