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Meet our team at FST Government Australia

8 November 2023, Canberra, Australia

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The Australian Federal Government is not alone in dealing with challenges like natural disasters, global pandemics and economic uncertainty. Like many governments, they are looking for new and innovative ways to tackle these challenges.

FST Government 2023 is an exciting conference that brings over 200 government leaders together to explore how the latest advances in digital technology can help support better policy outcomes and citizen service delivery. Canonical participated in the 2022 edition and is thrilled to join the conference again this year.

We will unveil a comprehensive solution for advanced data science labs, driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and automation strategies. The aim is to propel government into the realm of augmented and predictive governance. We’re delighted to encourage our partners and customers to engage with our representatives at the booth to discuss AI’s role in shaping their future plans.

You can meet with the Canonical team on-site in this event and pick our experts’ brains about your particular open source scenario. Book a meeting with us in advance if you have a topic want to discuss or find our booth in the event venue.

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Trends you can expect to hear about at the event:

  1. Open Source’s Expanding Role: Governments increasingly rely on open source to support hybrid cloud technology, as well as data science, across a shared and often open information fabric, to deliver citizen services and policy outcomes at the required rate.
  2. Empowering Innovation: The required ‘Innovation Rate’ is only possible when developers and data scientists are given freedom and flexibility to use open source technologies and datasets.
  3. Navigating Challenges: Both of these factors present serious challenges and risks to the required application infrastructure, which is not always architected to effectively address modern compliance, governance, and cybersecurity risks.

How does Canonical help?

  • Ensuring Open Source Security
  • Optimising Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure Costs
  • Streamlining Data Pipelines and AI/ML
  • Managed Apps for Performance and Reliability

Open source technology stands as a pivotal tool to foster innovation, provided it is executed securely and efficiently. Canonical provides a trusted partner in this endeavour, offering solutions that fortify government operations in an increasingly complex landscape. Book a meeting with us in advance if you have a topic want to discuss above or find our booth in the event venue.

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