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Managing OpenStack like a public cloud

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Register Today for the webinar on Sept 8th, 5:30pm CET: Link

The promise of the cloud was to cut down data centre costs and improve efficiency. However, many cloud deployments ended up with cost overruns and unpredictable economics. Instead of giving IT decision makers clear visibility, it has become more of a “predict and prove” game. With rapid tech evolution and dynamic business needs, it’s becoming even more challenging to keep pace and cope.

Most organisations are trying to move towards more open source software consumption. However, the added layer of complexity is creating friction against such transformations. Open source is certainly more cost effective over proprietary solutions, but what if open source became even easier to consume?

In this session, we list and tackle the main challenges an IT organisation faces and provide guidance on how to transform into a business-centric IT strategy using open source cloud solutions which help:

  • Offload technical debts
  • Maintain focus on strategy and business goals
  • Keep the business in a future-ready state