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Maintaining business focus in a cloud-native world with Managed Apps

Effectively operating cloud applications is an essential part of every organisation’s cloud strategy. However, due to the increasing number of applications that are considered mission-critical, with differing technical requirements and the need for 24/7 up-time, organisations are finding this challenging. As a result, many organisations have started to outsource application management, with varying success levels - due to hybrid and multi-cloud strategies, it is difficult to find one managed service provider who specialises across cloud-architectures and different applications.

To address this, Canonical has launched Managed Apps - enabling enterprises to have their apps deployed and operated by Canonical as a fully managed service. At launch, Canonical will cover ten widely used cloud-native database and LMA (logging, monitoring and alerting) apps regardless of whether they run on Kubernetes, bare-metal, public or private clouds. Managed Apps frees DevOps teams to focus on the value their apps can deliver and away from time-consuming cloud-management tasks, at a predictable price.

Join Nilay Patel, Product Manager, and James Troup, Engineering Director, from Canonical in this webinar to learn how outsourcing cloud application management helps organisations lower costs, maintain business focus and get more transparency over their cloud.