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[Webinar] Security of telecom infra

Part I: Intro to telco grade Kubernetes, on-demand webinar

Welcome to this first episode of our new security of telecom infrastructure series.

Are you in the process of moving from VNFs to CNFs? Are you now deploying multiple Kubernetes clusters, both on the data center and edge but you have doubts about how secure it is? Would you like to know a recipe for a telecom grade kubernetes deployment, and more important - how to operate it for next 10 years, keeping it secure and enabling new features?

Then, this “Security of Telecom Infrastructure” series is for you. In this episode, we will introduce you to telco grade Kubernetes. We will be talking about Kubernetes for RAN, Core, OSS/BSS and public clouds as well, as they start to play a bigger and bigger role in hybrid cloud setups of service providers.

On this webinar, you will learn:

  • How secure Kubernetes is this days
  • How to use Kubernetes in telecom domain
    • On the edge - for RAN, OpenRAN, AI/ML inference jobs and more
    • In the main data center - for your Core, OSS, BSS, SON needs
    • In IT systems - CEM, data analytics, reporting
  • What the deployment options are
  • How a secure architecture looks like for all of those use cases
  • How to make sure that your setup stays secure in 10 years lifetime of the platform