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How to reduce your IoT costs with Ubuntu Core

October 26, 6:00 PM Europe/Paris

Understand cost drivers, diagnose your cost issues, and discover new solutions

Do your IoT projects always seem to run over budget? Are operating costs eating into your bottom line? This end-to-end dissection of IoT costs will help you recognize what your costs are, identify where the problems lie, and find a solution that fits your product and organisation.

Businesses across industries are recognising the value to be gained from IoT deployments, but there’s no playbook for this fast-growing field. Companies are left to make their own way through an ever-changing landscape of platforms, solution providers, and GSIs.

In this webinar, we’ll cut past the marketing to get down to the cost drivers at the heart of every IoT project. We’ll discuss a few ways to address these costs, and how Ubuntu Core can help you achieve lower total costs of ownership for any IoT device.

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