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Hiri successfully monetises their snap

There’s a widespread assumption that Linux users are only interested in free, open source software and won’t pay for proprietary solutions. Hiri, the business focused email client, demonstrated that assumption isn’t necessarily accurate when they launched their snap.

Available for Microsoft and Mac users, Hiri was keen to extend their support to Linux users but initial feedback suggested they would be met with resistance. In addition, previous attempts to launch Hiri for the Linux market had led to significant maintenance requirements due to the

different configurations users installed.

Read the case study to learn about the journey Hiri took from the early resistance to publishing a snap which now means 25% of their revenues are generated from Linux users.

Highlights of this case study include:

  • The change in feedback from Linux users to support and help accelerate the development of Hiri
  • How snaps have led to a 90% decrease in issues experienced by long term users thanks to snaps’ auto-updating features
  • The benefits of engaging with Canonical to advise down to code level on how to build a snap and maximise once published
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