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[Roundtable] Energy Companies on the Move: From CentOS to Ubuntu

Join us on June 28, at 10 AM CDT


Join us to learn about what energy companies are doing and participate in the live Round Table discussion and Q&A. Register today!

As the CentOS Project announced its plans to end support for CentOS, the HPC community is left to decide what platform to migrate to. For many, the decision comes down to cost and support.

Canonical’s Ubuntu is a popular choice for those migrating from CentOS, as it offers a modern, stable platform with regular security updates. Ubuntu is also easy to use and has a large online community where users can find support and guidance.

Canonical has years of experience in providing high-performance computing solutions and has been working closely with the HPC community to ensure a smooth transition for those migrating from CentOS.

Join us for this round table discussion with experts and industry leaders in HPC. If you have any questions contact us here.

In this webinar we will discuss:

  1. How companies are transitioning of CentOS
  2. The new comer Rocky
  3. The different challenges in HPC and Cloud Computing
  4. HPC and AI/ML harmony
  5. Industry software and libraries driving decisions


Jon Thor Kristinsson - HPC and Product Manager, Canonical

James Beedy - CEO, Omnivector Solutions

Craig Bender - Field Engineer, Canonical

Dave Montana - VP of Sales, Canonical

John Fuqua - Energy Markets, Canonical (Moderator)

Rose Vettraino - Account Executive, Canonical (Moderator)