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Edge Kubernetes: what’s brewing?

Have you ever brewed coffee using Kubernetes? Well, the future of coffee machine operations is here! This FUN technical session takes you on an adventure from hardware design to open-source IoT application deployment to brew your coffee. You will learn how you can use the cloud provider of your choice to run Kubernetes clusters and a “Barista” K8s operator to control several coffee machines with the help of an internet-enabled microcontroller. You will explore how a Raspberry Pi or a smartphone can be used to send commands to a coffee machine. By the end of this webinar, you will understand how the various components of this architecture work together on edge and you will hopefully get inspired to use open source solutions to hack or create your own cloud native solution.

Learn about Kubernetes edge while brewing coffee

In this technical session, you will learn about:

  1. Open source, cloud native coffee making
  2. Programming an ESP8266 microcontrollers to hack appliances machine
  3. Using Juju and Charmed Operators to create an open layer to manage infra & app lifecycle
  4. Developing an interactive user interface with Flutter, Ubuntu Core, Ubuntu Frame and Raspberry Pis
  5. Cloud Native observability with Prometheus, Grafana and MicroK8s
  6. How to scale device and server applications with ease using Kubernetes

Get started on Kubernetes edge

This can be your little sandbox to play around with.

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