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Hypervisor Independence and other speaking sessions at DTW

Join Canonical and Morpheus to learn more about open source VMware alternatives and more

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Migrating away from VMware to open source infrastructure is becoming an increasingly compelling option for many enterprises – especially in light of the acquisition of VMware by Broadcom. Organisations that follow this path are positioning themselves to take advantage of new innovations while simultaneously reducing costs and avoiding vendor lock-in.

Canonical and Morpheus are strengthening their engineering efforts to deliver secure, stable and flexible solutions tailored for the evolving needs of enterprises in the hybrid multi-cloud space. The combination of Morpheus’ unified orchestration platform backed by a future-proof open infrastructure stack, consisting of Canonical MAAS, OpenStack and Kubernetes, addresses efficiently the needs of organizations looking for cost optimization and digital sovereignty.

Join our sessions at the Canonical booth (#208) and learn more about.

  • Session 1 - Tuesday, May 21st   |   2:00pm
  • Session 2 - Wednesday, May 22nd   |   1:00pm


Learn more about Open Source

Visit Canonical’s booth and attend sessions led by industry experts covering a range of Open Source solutions. Plus, all attendees will receive a complimentary Ubuntu backpack!

From Infrastructure to Apps – Securing Your Open Source Environment

Come hear Canonical’s approach to securing and supporting open source, from infrastructure to modern applications, and discover why we are the trusted source for open source
Sessions: Tuesday 12pm | Wednesday 4pm

PowerFlex and MicroCloud: Cloud infrastructure at its best

MicroCloud is a lightweight open source cloud aimed at simplifying your cloud deployment and operations. Combined with Dell PowerFlex efficiency and performance, you have a winning combination for your journey to cloudification. Join this session to learn more.
Sessions: Tuesday 1pm | Wednesday 3pm

AI GPU infrastructure optimisation

Gain insights from real-world projects and learn how to optimize the usage of 10k A100 GPUs across 20 on-prem Kubernetes clusters. Explore HW-level strategies such as NVidia MIG, swap the default K8s scheduler to Volcano, and PaddlePaddle for smarter job distribution.
Sessions: Tuesday 3pm | Wednesday 12pm

Open source data and AI

Explore how open-source tools streamline the data and ML lifecycle, enabling end-to-end solutions for DataOps and MLOps. Learn about seamless integration with platforms like OpenSearch, Kubeflow, and MLFlow, empowering organizations to tackle complex challenges.
Sessions: Tuesday 4pm | Wednesday 2pm


Join us at Dell Technologies World

Experience the future of technology at Dell Technologies World! Connect with the Canonical and Morpheus teams in Las Vegas to explore cutting-edge solutions and gain insights from our technical experts tailored to your open source needs.

Don’t miss out, visit our booths: Canonical #208 and Morpheus #420.