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Secure container orchestration at the edge

Develop your cloud-native apps with micro clouds

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Kubernetes and containers have rocked the IT industry to its core. Early adopters - around 30% according to Gartner - have already moved their containers to production and are using cloud-native tooling to create modern DevOps practices. Defining an edge container strategy is the natural progression for many enterprises that see an opportunity to own this yet uncharted territory.

The cloud-native way of building software allows for consistency across developer environments and massive scalability of application deployments. Both these attributes are useful for edge, but create new challenges related to security and resilience. Join us in this webinar to see how Canonical’s modular technology stack addresses these challenges by using well-known cloud primitives.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What micro clouds are and how they answer edge challenges
  • The simplest way to deploy Kubernetes at the edge
  • The advantages unlocked by using MicroK8s on LXD
  • How Canonical’s Docker images help build long-term secure containers
  • How to deploy an LTS docker image on Kubernetes at the edge