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Sensape uses Landscape to remotely support revolutionary interactive retail displays

Sensape is teaching computers to see, understand and interact with people at trade events and in retail locations. Instead of using unchanging, predefined content, the Sensape systems senses its environment and reacts accordingly.

Powered by Ubuntu Desktop and Landscape, the business results for clients using Sensape are impressive. Up to 70% of the visitors and shoppers interact with the Sensape solution, with all reactions being positive, and over half being very positive. The rate of interaction is also 14.7 times higher than that of traditional digital signage. Client revenue of products advertised via the Sensape platform increases by as much as 900%. Compared to conventional advertising, the increase in revenue can be up to 13.4 times higher.


  • Sensape interactive digital signage senses people’s interests and emotions, adapting the information offered to them
  • Landscape helps keep everything running smoothly on the Sensape retail and trade show infotainment systems powered by Ubuntu Desktop
  • The flexible remote management solution and reliable operating system in turn enable Sensape clients to gain more customers and sales revenue
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