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Canonical Tech Summit - Cloud

Bangalore – 05 October

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More about this track

In this track, you will learn how to utilize open source tools and methodologies with full automation to build a private or local public cloud as a service provider, government institution or a general business.

This track will also cover the migration from VMware, where you find out how you can assist your customers to seamlessly migrate from VMware to an open source infrastructure

Moreover, listen to our executives discuss vital open source trends and how Canonical is overcoming their challenges, and discover how Ubuntu Pro and distroless containers can help you to develop, secure and support open source applications.

Agenda for this track

9.30am Registration / Welcome coffee
10.00am Building secure multi-application open source solutions
11:30am Break
11:45am Migrate from VMware to Open Source
1:30pm Lunch
2:30pm How to build your own cloud in the open source way
4:15pm Closing plenary


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