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Join the beta program to get early access to tomorrow’s tech today and to help shape Canonical’s data products as they get introduced to the world

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Data management should not be complex

Canonical is building a suite of advanced, open source system solutions for data management applications including:

  • Spark
  • Kafka
  • MongoDB
  • OpenSearch
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL

The solutions use Juju Charms to automate the systems management lifecycle. Juju Charms are like copilots for distributed systems and contain codified operations management knowledge in order to deliver reliable operations of the system, even when operating at scale. Canonical has built several mature, enterprise grade solutions on Juju including Charmed OpenStack for cloud infrastructure and Charmed Kubernetes for cloud native workloads. You can read more about Juju here.

Making it easy for DBAs and data engineers to build, deploy and integrate data solutions

At Canonical, our design manifesto for the Data Fabric suite encompasses certain values:

  • Durability and integrity
  • Pragmatic safety
  • Self driven automation
  • Quality
  • Long term support

Each of these values encapsulates a way of thinking that we have considered at each stage of the system design and development process.

For example, the cost to the business when a mission or business critical dataset is lost or corrupted is nearly always far greater than the operational costs associated with assuring its integrity and availability, therefore we have placed emphasis on prioritising durability and integrity when designing and implementing our Juju Charms.

Another example might be insecure configurations, which can cause a system to leave the user’s data exposed. Insecure configuration can ultimately contribute to a data breach and for this reason we placed emphasis on ensuring operational safety during the design and implementation process.

Enabling DevOps and SREs to automate data solutions at scale

By self driven automation, we mean that the user need not have an expert always on hand for many of the operational aspects of running the systems. Many users struggle to hire and retain experts in operating these systems and for this reason we emphasise self driven automation within our systems via Juju Charms. Another consideration here is that by adopting self driven automation, the scope for user error is significantly reduced, thus minimising attack surface area.

Quality and long term supportability are also key factors that influence our design thinking.

Join the beta programme

We are now opening a beta programme for users looking to try pre-release versions of these advanced open source data management technologies and have their say. If you would like to join the programme, please complete the sign up form and we will be in touch.

In the meantime, you can already get started by reading the documentation at or by reaching out to us via our chat server or our community forum.

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