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A stronger approach to Azure cloud security with Ubuntu

Building a foundation for security-sensitive workloads

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Is the public cloud part of your organization’s IT strategy? Do you worry about the rapidly evolving external threats landscape? Do you also want to protect your workloads from threats within the cloud, such as potentially malicious insiders or software vulnerabilities within the cloud’s privileged system software?

If your organization is working in industries like FinTech, healthcare, banking, or government, it’s essential that your systems are hardened and compliant with Center for Internet Security (CIS) and DISA STIG requirements.

This paper discusses how Ubuntu offers unmatched security for organizations of all sizes working with Microsoft Azure workloads, thanks to a visionary approach to confidential computing in the cloud, easy-to-use hardening and certification tools and more.

What you will learn:

  • Why your choice of operating system matters for security
  • How confidential computing addresses the lack of security guarantees for data at run-time
  • How you can automate the security patching of over 25,000 open-source packages for 10 years with Ubuntu Pro.
  • Get to know the Ubuntu Azure FIPS pre-enabled images.
  • How you can automate your compliance processes with the Ubuntu Security Guide (USG):

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Try Ubuntu confidential VMs with Intel TDX today: limited preview now available on Azure!

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