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Getting started with Ubuntu Pro on AWS

Thank you for choosing Ubuntu Pro on AWS!

This onboarding site is aimed at those who have launched an Ubuntu Pro instance on AWS for the very first time and dives into some of the technical details of how to use features included in Ubuntu Pro and what they do. For more information and additional resources on the benefits of Ubuntu Pro, please visit

To show the current status of Ubuntu Pro features and enablement status:

$ sudo ua status


Security Patches for 30,000 + Open Source Applications for 10 years

ESM is pre-enabled on all Ubuntu Pro instances.

To see available updates from Ubuntu Universe and Ubuntu Main archives:

$ sudo apt list --upgradable

Live Kernel Patching

Livepatch is pre-enabled on most Ubuntu Pro instances.

To check which CVE’s Livepatch is protecting you from:

$ canonical-livepatch status --verbose

FIPS 140-2, Common Criteria EAL2, CIS hardening, DISA STIG

If you have a FIPS requirement, we recommend you launch our Ubuntu Pro FIPS premium images if possible.

To enable FIPS, Common Criteria Compliance, CIS hardening, or DISA STIG please visit our documentation.

Click here for a deep dive into the security and compliance features available in Ubuntu Pro for AWS.

Please note that Ubuntu Pro on AWS by default does not include phone and ticketing support. If you need additional technical support services, a 24/7 SLA can easily be added onto your Ubuntu Pro instance through a Private Offer listing. Please contact to get in touch with our team.


  • I launched an Ubuntu Pro VM. Do I need to configure it or enable something?

Ubuntu Pro comes with all the key features already enabled. If you only need Extended Security Maintenance, Pro comes with extended support for Main and Universe repositories already enabled. If you need specific hardening (e.g. CIS or DISA STIG) check the using usg to harden your servers tutorial. If you need FIPS, check enabling FIPS tutorials.

  • How to get the best value from Ubuntu Pro?

There are several ways to get the maximum benefits from Pro, as it comes with several features ready to use. If you are looking for getting your open source supply always secure and up-to-date with CVEs patching, make sure you are getting your software from our official repositories instead of manually adding 3rd party repositories or installing manually external software. Just using the included “apt install” command will be enough. If you need hardening and auditing against industry standards, check our usg tool in our tutorials.

  • If I shut down the machine, does the billing continue?

If you launch Ubuntu Pro from AWS Marketplace you will only pay as you go, so, if you don’t have any machine running, you won’t pay any additional fee.

  • Can I create my own golden images from this product?

Yes. Follow this tutorial to understand how to do it without breaking the subscription validation mechanism.

  • How can I share my golden image, based on Pro, with other accounts in my organization

Yes. It will work as long as the other account has subscribed to the same product or the license has been shared from the parent AWS account. See this documentation on how to Share AWS Subscriptions within your organization for more information.

  • Can I get volume discounts?

Yes. Volume discounts can be provided through a Private Offer, please contact



Are you interested in volume discounts or phone & ticketing support? Or have any other questions?

Please tell us by emailing our team at &