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[Webinar] CentOS to Ubuntu Migration with AWS

Join us on September 1, 8am PT as Canonical and AWS discuss CentOS retirement and migration journey to Ubuntu.

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With the announcement from CentOS Project to end support for CentOS, organisations are left to decide what platform to migrate to. As operating systems are the foundation blocks of technology stacks, when considering an open source operating system the decision comes down to cost, support and security.

Ubuntu LTS is the leading choice for organisations migrating from CentOS as it provides a modern, reliable platform with regular security updates for 10 years. Ubuntu is also easy to use with a large online community where users can find support and guidance. Move to Ubuntu and have the assurance of a reliable, secure and supported Linux platform with long term support from Canonical!

Migration itself could be considered not as a single task but as a complex project, as it usually involves a number of side activities. A typical IT project has four steps: “plan”, “prepare”, “execute” and “assess”. During this webinar, we are going to shed some light on those steps in the context of migration from CentOS to Ubuntu, addressing concerns and highlighting the actions that need to be taken to make sure a migration will be smooth and straightforward.

Beginning the migration journey can be daunting for organisations. AWS services help users identify and overcome challenges, and provide tools to streamline applications and automate deployment, ultimately enabling users to modernize and standardize on AWS.

In this session we will discuss:

  1. CentOS retirement and its impacts
  2. AWS Recommendations
  3. Why Ubuntu is a preferred choice
  4. AWS resources
  5. Migration Journey
  6. Customer Story