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Umony transforms communications compliance

Learn how Anbox Cloud enables Umony to deliver its software through an app on any phone, web browser, or desktop

With its ground-breaking compliance solution, Umony was poised to revolutionise customer communications in the banking industry. But due to deployment complexity and the fact that its software was built on Android – an operating system historically considered insecure – the startup needed the right solution to get its product to market.

By adopting Anbox Cloud, Umony unlocked the ability to deploy its solution in the cloud, from where it can be controlled remotely via an application on any end-user device. With the Anbox Cloud approach completely circumventing deployment and security concerns, banks worldwide are now queuing up to get their hands on Umony’s solution.

This case study provides an overview of the challenge faced by Umony in deploying their solution and how Canonical through its Anbox Cloud solution helped in overcoming that challenge.

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