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Combining AI/ML workflows with HPC in the Energy Sector

Use case: automated leak detection

Join us on September 20 at 11 AM Central Time

For decades energy companies have been leveraging high-performance computing to process large amounts of data. In recent years AI/ML workflows have entered the energy sector taking a more finite approach to solving these problems. How are energy leaders using these solutions to develop automation and optimisation projects that lower costs and improve efficiency? Join our webinar to hear about a practical use case: automated leak detection.

AI/ML workflows in the energy sector

The use of advanced computing methods like AI/ML or HPC (high-performance computing) speeds up data processing, allowing companies to extract value. Find out how these technologies help you support the intensive compute required for large volumes of data and build models that both allow better decision-making, and alerting in case of system failure. Operating the infrastructure needed for such use cases is a challenge that Kubeflow 1.6 addresses, by bridging AI/ML workflows and HPC.

What will you learn from this webinar?

More than a structured presentation, this webinar will bring to the table different angles on how AI/ML drives innovation. We will also discuss the challenges that enterprises face in an open conversation. So why should you join?

  • Hear from AI/ML experts and energy sector specialists
  • Discover practical applications for AI/ML and HPC
  • Hear about a real use case for automated leak detection
  • Learn about Kubeflow 1.6 and how MPI Operator support can help your organisation
  • Ask questions live for our expert panel


  • John Fuqua - Energy markets business consultant
  • Maciej Mazur - Principal AI/ML engineer
  • Andreea Munteanu - AI/ML Product Manager

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