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AI on Private Cloud: why is it relevant in the hyperscalers era?

Learn more about the key considerations of running your AI workloads on a private cloud. Join us on Feb 21 from 3pm CET to dive into this topic.

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As organisations increasingly look to take advantage of AI technologies, there are several critical considerations that they must contend with, including intellectual property, data security and costs related to computing infrastructure. Private cloud solutions are ideally suited to solving these challenges. Canonical Openstack, for instance, is a great example of a cloud platform that can be used to build and deploy machine learning applications securely and cost-effectively.

Why consider a private cloud for AI?

Private clouds are a handy solution for enterprises when it comes to AI/ML since they deliver many of the key capabilities that organisations report as important, including:

  • Cost optimisation: Private clouds enable businesses to optimise their costs by always running their workloads where it makes more sense from an economic standpoint.
  • Digital sovereignty: Private clouds offer a safe environment for data and applications by ensuring that the organisation owns access and controls the level of sharing amongst the different teams using the cloud.
  • Performance acceleration: Private clouds offer GPU virtualisation and other capabilities to improve performance and therefore project delivery, confidentiality, efficiency, and time to setup as required by sophisticated AI/ML workloads.

The optimal private cloud for machine learning operations (MLOps) depends on a variety of factors, such as use case, team size, and existing infrastructure. A comprehensive understanding of these considerations is key to successful AI projects.

Hybrid clouds with OpenStack for AI

Solutions such as Canonical OpenStack unlock the value of hybrid clouds and enable companies to simply expand their existing infrastructure, rather than build it from scratch.

Over the past year, organisations have come to understand the value of generative AI, and hybrid cloud offers a perfect environment for these use cases. According to a recent report from IBM, 68% of hybrid cloud users are now actively taking advantage of generative AI. In turn, according to the Cisco 2022 Global Hybrid Cloud Trends Report, 82% of IT decision-makers have adopted a hybrid IT strategy.

Learn more about AI on the private cloud

Join the webinar on 21 February 2023, where Tytus Kurek, OpenStack Product Manager, and Andreea Munteanu, AI Product Manager, will talk more about private clouds for AI projects. The presentation will cover:

  • Key considerations when building a private cloud for AI projects
  • Performance acceleration options for private cloud
  • Guidance for Kubernetes on OpenStack for AI initiatives
  • And moreā€¦