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Install Ubuntu Desktop
on the Intel® NUC

There are two install options for the Intel NUC: Ubuntu Core or Ubuntu Desktop. This page is for Ubuntu Desktop.

Use your favourite development tools, install snaps and access the vast Ubuntu ecosystem with your NUC.

Minimum requirements

  • An Intel® NUC with BIOS updated to the latest version (update instructions)
  • 1 USB 2.0 or 3.0 flash drive (4GB minimum for Dawson Canyon NUCs, 2GB for older generations)
  • A USB keyboard and a mouse
  • A monitor with an HDMI interface
  • An HDMI cable
  • A network connection with Internet access

  1. Download Ubuntu Desktop

    Download the correct Ubuntu image for your device:

  2. Flash the USB drive

    Copy the image on a USB drive by following the installation media instructions.

  3. Install Ubuntu Desktop

    Booting the system from the USB flash drive will start the Ubuntu installer.

    1. Insert the USB flash drive in the NUC.
    2. Start the NUC and push F10 to enter the boot menu.
    3. Select the USB flash drive as a boot option.
    4. The system will automatically execute the first stage of installation and prompt for an acknowledgement of a complete system recovery.
    5. Follow the instructions and enter appropriate options for language, WiFi, location (timezone), and keyboard layout.
    6. Pick a hostname, user account and password.
    7. Wait for the configuration to finish. If you are connected to an active network, it will take several minutes to download and apply additional updates.
    8. Ubuntu is installed. Use your account and password to log in.

Before you start, get your IoT security story straight

A recent Canonical survey of 2,000 consumers suggests that a shockingly high percentage of connected devices may be vulnerable to botnets, hackers and cyber attacks:

  • Only 31% of consumers update the firmware on their connected devices as soon as updates become available.
  • 40% of consumers have never performed firmware updates on their connected devices
  • 40% of consumers believe that performing firmware updates on their connected devices is the responsibility of either software developers or the device manufacturer
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