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Snapping Bluetooth-enabled Application

This section will show what are the necessary bits in the snapcraft.yaml while snapping an application that uses Bluetooth.

Bluetooth Interfaces

There are two Bluetooth related interfaces available on Ubuntu Core.

bluez interface that allows accessing the Bluetooth service through D-Bus API

bluetooth-control that can be used to talk to the kernel-side of the Bluetooth stack directly.

Contents of snapcraft.yaml

This section presents a snapcraft.yaml template for applications that use Bluetooth.

The bluez snap discussed previously is a somewhat complex thing because it includes both the Bluetooth service ( bluetoothd and obexd ) and the client applications ( bluetoothctl and obexctl ). Because of this it defines the slots and plugs.

The standalone Bluetooth application that could be used in place of bluetoothctl needs to take care only of the client side. In fact all it has to do is to define a bluez plug.

In the example below the foo application defines a client plug that is nothing more than a plug side of the bluez interface.

      interface: bluez

    command: "bin/foo-command"
    plugs: [client]

Note that if by any chance your application needs to talk directly to the chip, then the bluetooth-control interface will suit these needs better than the bluez one.

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