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When a projector and app-enabled software-defined radio cross paths

We had a chat with our head of IoT, Maarten, to discover what happens when a projector crosses paths with an app-enabled software-defined radio ( Below is a list of pretty cool insights when the two cross paths that include talking to drones via hand gestures, hacking into walkie talkies and finding coverage where it doesn’t actually exist!

  • Use the SDR to receive television broadcasting and the projector as a TV screen
  • Add a WiFi app and avoid having to pay electricity for two devices
  • Add a 4G app, get spectrum from a telecom provider via a rest API and cover parts of a building that are not covered
  • Detect if people walk into the room with a mobile in their pocket and switch on the projector and off when nobody is around. If lights, heating, etc. can be controlled via an API then include this as well
  • Create your own IoT wireless protocol that can connect to sensors around the house and project a dashboard with real-time data
  • Use a gesture sensor with bluetooth that detects your hand movements, talk to a drone or toy car and control it via gestures and see what the drone or car sees on the projector
  • Put 3 projectors and triangulate where everybody in the office is walking based on their bluetooth or mobile signals. Connect to their online calendar and open automatically the Webex or Google hangout they are scheduled for and connect to the Wireless security camera in the room to stream what it sees to the other meeting invites. Use the built-in microphone to hear everything that is said
  • Track ships via AIS transmissions in a harbour or planes via Mode S and plot ships and planes on a Google Map via the projector
  • Project real-time data about the state of your car wheels via direct TPMS
  • Talk to all types of 2.4Ghz equipment like walkie talkies and baby monitors via the projector to show what activity there is
  • Build your own Low-Powered WAN receiver solution (see for instance LoRA) and show what is being received on the screen

Internet of Things

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