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Voting begins for OpenStack Summit sessions in Paris

This article was last updated 9 years ago.

Voting is now open for sessions to be run at the OpenStack ‘Kilo’ Summit in Paris in November. There have been hundreds of talk submissions, evidence if ever it were needed that the OpenStack ecosystem continues to grow apace. Canonical has hundreds of people working on OpenStack and our ecosystem of partners engaged with us both at customers and the OpenStack Interoperability Lab is many times that. No surprise then that we have quite a few submissions in ourselves. Details are below – if you think the topic interesting then please give it a vote (membership of the OpenStack Foundation website is required) and with a bit of luck it will make the final agenda in Paris.

Talk Title Speakers Companies involved
Simplifying the Complexity of OpenStack Deployments Corey Bryant Canonical
Openstack HA Nirvana on Ubuntu James Page Canonical
Testing OpenStack with OpenStack Ryan Beisner Canonical
Implementing a Nova Cell architecture with Neutron Liam Young Canonical
Tempest on Real Hardware — 24/7 CI Ryan Harper, Greg Lutostag Canonical
How we scaled OpenStack to launch 168,000 cloud instances on AMD SeaMicro James Page, Michael Partridge Canonical, AMD
Best Practices for deploying OpenStack in the Enterprise Dan Florea, James Page VMware, Canonical
Secure Containers in Openstack using LXC and User Namespaces Scott Moser, Serge Hallyn Canonical
Checkpointing and Restarting Apps in the Cloud Serge Hallyn, Tycho Andersen Canonical
Using LXC containers with Granite Chuck Short, Serge Hallyn, Tycho Andersen Canonical
From Bare Metal to OpenStack in 30 Minutes Samantha Jian-Pielak, Michael Partridge AMD, Canonical
Deployment of OpenContrail SDN on OpenStack Robert Ayres, Sanju Abraham Juniper, Canonical
NFV (Network Functions Virtualization) Service Chaining for Telcos using OpenStack Robert Ayres, Sanju Abraham Juniper, Canonical
Automating interoperability – lessons learned building 3000+ clouds per month in OIL Mark Baker Canonical
Building F500 Cloud-Scale Network with OpenStack Artur Tyloch, Amir Sharif Nuage Networks, Canonical
Instant Open Source NFV in Action Artur Tyloch, Piers Finlayson,Jean Deruelle Metaswitch, Telestax, Canonical
Bringing Internet scale, IPV6 and resilience to OpenStack networks Chris Liljenstolpe, Artur Tyloch Metaswitch, Canonical
Supporting Telecom and NFV with the Open Source ecosystem John Zannos, Toby Ford AT&T, Canonical
OpenStack ‘just works’ on Dell PowerEdge Kent Baxley Canonical
OpenStack IPv6 Support Ed Hope Morley, Ante Karamatic Canonical
Contribute to OpenStack CI – adding driver tests Yaguang Tang Canonical
Enabling OpenStack for NFV Applications and Telco Grade SDN Alan Kavanaugh, Artur Tyloch, Adrian Hoban Ericsson, Intel, Canonical
Nova Direct Attach Storage Tiers Ed Hope-Morley Canonical
Deep into neutron strongSwan VPNaaS driver Jonathan Davies Canonical
Power your Cloud – Exploiting IBM Power8 scale-out Linux servers with Ubuntu OpenStack Nina Goradia, Dan Poler IBM, Canonical
HP Reference Architecture for OpenStack on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Jing Zhao, Pete Catalanello HP, Canonical
Enterprise-class Virtual Networking Solution for OpenStack private-cloud environments Dileep Devireddy, Akash Chandrashekar Cisco, Canonical
Accelerate network access to OpenStack block storage Eyal Gutkind, Brian Fromme Mellanox, Canonical
Enterprise caching for OpenStack VMs Edward Balduf, Brian Fromme Fusion-io, Canonical
Portable Application deployment with TOSCA and Juju Kapil Thangavelu Canonical
You’ve got a cloud, now what? Kapil Thangavelu Canonical
Coexistence – OpenStack, Public Clouds and the Enterprise Neil Martin, John Zannos Microsoft, Canonical
Enabling OpenStack for Multi hypervisor support Peter Pouliot Microsoft
OpenStack + SDN make sense: China Unicom OpenStack deployment use case optimized by Huawei Solution, powered by Canonical JuJu Tina Tsou, Albert Dong Huawei, Canonical
Deploy and Orchestrate Openstack and SDN Services to Build Responsive Infrastructure Tina Tsou, Yankai Liu Huawei, Canonical
Software Defined Infrastructure: Provisioning and Managing an OpenStack Cloud Das Kamhourt, Kapil Thangavelu, Shuo Yang Huawei, Canonical
Openstack upgrade without down time Yankai Liu NTT, Canonical
Panel on Containers in OpenStack Adrian Otto, Eric Windisch, James Bottomley, Patricia Gaughen Rackspace, Docker, Parallels, Canonical

The full list of sessions is available here

We hope to see you there!

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