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Ubuntu big data environment provides new insight into music industry trends

This article was last updated 9 years ago.

Innovative London tech company Music Metric enables a comprehensive, up-to-the-hour view of artists’ popularity


Music Metric, an innovative London technology company, provides unique insight for music industry players and artists. It does this by analysing vast quantities of online data from music download sites, social networks, and blogs. To collect and process this information on an hourly basis, the organisation operates a large, three-tiered IT infrastructure. This is powered from end-to-end by Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, from cloud-based data collection systems, to the company’s Hadoop Big Data analysis cluster and data presentation tools. With a single OS image supporting Music Metric’s entire IT stack, development, management and support is far simpler. What’s more, Ubuntu’s long-term support ensures that the company’s critical systems are stable and constantly available.

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