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Telco workloads orchestration in multi-clouds environments – focus for Open Source MANO release ELEVEN

Wajeeha Hamid

on 26 January 2022

Open source MANO release ELEVEN is here with another set of exciting features for the telco world!!

Promising the production-grade orchestration of telco workloads, OSM release ELEVEN focuses on the trends of cloud-native deployments in multi-cloud environments. To overcome the challenges that we have discussed in previous blogs, OSM this time is offering the following features:

  • It took a new significant step towards the adoption of the ETSI standards by adding support for standardized VNF and NS package formats (ETSI NFV SOL004 and SOL007).
  • Another important addition for interoperability is the support for Google Cloud Platform infrastructure, completing the list of three largest public cloud providers, i.e., Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Platform
  • OSM also keeps in alignment with the most recent market needs and implements the latest technologies for managing cloud-native deployments. Release ELEVEN brings fine-grained operations for Cloud-native Network Functions and better integration across functions of different nature.
  • From a Service Assurance perspective, OSM monitoring has been expanded to include metrics collected from Kubernetes clusters in a centralized Grafana dashboard.


To have a deeper dive into the features by the OSM community please register for the upcoming OSM Release ELEVEN overview webinar covering the following topics:

5G telco workload orchestration with Open Source MANO 

Policy Control Function (PCF) helps operators to easily create and seamlessly deploy policies in a 5G network. For more information please visit PCF Key Features.
This webinar includes the demonstration of the cloud-native deployment of PCF workload and it will showcase the:

  • standards descriptors needed for the onboarding of the workload to OSM, 
  • the onboarding process of PCF network service
  • and how telcos can get benefits from the day 1 and day 2 configurations offered by OSM after the network service is up and running.

Production-grade OSM with multiple public and private cloud support

Towards the progression of reducing the CapEx and OpEx for telcos and shifting workloads to the clouds, OSM now can deploy workloads on Google Cloud allowing telcos to orchestrate their workloads in any major public cloud i.e Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google cloud in a fully automated way. In this webinar, the PCF workload will be onboarded to the Microsoft Azure cloud and the GCP (Google cloud platform).

OSM Alignment with ETSI standards 

OSM from day 1 is fulfilling the promise of keeping aligned with ETSI NFV standards, In this webinar you will get a glimpse of how OSM is adopting the most recent ETSI NFV standards for VNF and NS packaging, increasing interoperability between OSM and different products on the market.

Register today !!

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