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Cloud and server

Juju 2.0 and LXD opens a whole new dimension to developing BI apps

by Guest on 1 March 2016

I’ve been itching to write this post since I got back from Config Mgmt Camp in Gent a few weeks ago. The developers over at Canonical are gearing up to launch...

Cloud and server

Juju Charmers Summit: The Real Day

by Guest on 5 February 2016

Okay then, day 3. My liver is still pretty much functioning although hopefully I can “juju deploy new-liver” on my trip back to the UK. So what happened on...

Cloud and server

Juju Charmers Summit: Day 2

by Guest on 5 February 2016

I’ll be honest with you here, I love open source software evangelism, I will talk about it for days given an audience. You are my audience, so thank you very...

Cloud and server

From the trenches: Juju ‘Management’ Camp

by Guest on 4 February 2016

Okay it’s a lie, it was really Config Management Camp, but I was really only there for one purpose. Over the years as a small tech company we have tried a...

Cloud and server

Why I like Juju….

by Canonical on 21 September 2015

  A long time ago Canonical (of Ubuntu fame) got in touch with us and asked if we’d like to bring Saiku to their new Juju platform. We were sceptical and semi...