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Cloud and server
Cloud and server

ODS Tokyo: OpenStack For Everyone

by James Donner on 3 November 2015

We kicked off OpenStack Summit Tokyo’s Thursday Track Day with Mark Shuttleworth’s opening address, “OpenStack for Everyone”. You can watch it yourself below”...

Cloud and server

Join Canonical at the OpenStack Summit Tokyo

by Mark Baker on 22 October 2015

The OpenStack Summit in Tokyo is nearly upon us, infact my Twitter stream is already filling up with messages from fellow conference attendees who have...

Cloud and server

Canonical Cloud Chatter: April 2015 Newsletter

by Canonical on 12 May 2015

This April saw our new release, Ubuntu 15.04! We also have some great webinars, training courses and product announcements to tell you about and some exciting...

Cloud and server

OpenStack needs you! Get voting for our ODS Vancouver talks!

by Tom Callway on 18 February 2015

We’ve submitted over 30 talks to the upcoming ODS in Vancouver and really need your help to make ensure they are included in the schedule. We’ve listed them...

Cloud and server

Canonical keynote: building business value through interoperability

by Canonical on 5 November 2013

Watch Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Canonical and Ubuntu, create an entire Ubuntu OpenStack cloud from scratch using building blocks chosen by his live...