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Go for ROS

by Adi Singh on 29 April 2020

Cloud and server
Cloud and server

5 Cool things Canonical does with Go

by didrocks on 18 January 2017

We had the recent news that Google’s Go was awarded programming language of 2016 by TIOBE! One of the main reasons for winning is the ease of learning and...

Cloud and server

Extending Juju, Plugin basics in Go

by Adam Stokes on 17 November 2015

This is a quick introduction on extending Juju with plugins written in Go. What we’ll cover:Setting up your Go environmentGetting the Juju source codeWriting...

Cloud and server

So You Want to Write a Snappy App?

by Canonical on 3 June 2015

Introduction If you are anything like me, you love to write apps for Ubuntu. Like the Ubuntu phone two years ago, snappy is a bit of a green field in terms of...