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Gustavo Niemeyer


Gustavo Niemeyer is Canonical's CTO, and a software designer and hacker at heart.

5 posts by Gustavo Niemeyer

Cloud and server

The snapd roadmap

by Gustavo Niemeyer on 6 September 2017

This article originally appeared at snapcraft forums released  snapd 2.27 (topic1) snapd 2.28  Improved configuration get output (topic)  Internal xdg-open...


Stable releases, sprints, & more: A snapd recap

by Gustavo Niemeyer on 3 August 2017

The past few weeks have been very busy in the snapd world, and involved not only coding by itself but also face-to-face meet ups to discuss and detail what is...

Cloud and server

Leveling up snapd integration tests

by Gustavo Niemeyer on 16 June 2016

Over the last several months there has been noticeable and growing pain associated with the evolving integration tests around snapd, and given the project...

Cloud and server

Security confinement in Ubuntu Core

by Gustavo Niemeyer on 4 May 2016

As much anticipated, the recent release of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS included integrated support for snaps on classic Ubuntu. The snap format is part of Ubuntu Core, a...