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Cloud and server

BootStack managed cloud factsheet

by Alexia Emmanoulopoulou on 7 October 2015

BootStack, is a the fully managed cloud offer from Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu. BootStack is a true end to end offer including the design,...

Cloud and server

Canonical OpenStack

by Canonical on 28 October 2014

Ubuntu OpenStack – The Canonical OpenStack Distribution is the latest OpenStack offering from Canonical. It is the quickest and easiest way to build an...

Cloud and server

The Ubuntu OpenStack Training Programme

by Canonical on 3 October 2014

More training options have been a long-standing request by our customers. Following the on-site, 2-week course we offer as part of our consulting and support...

Cloud and server

BootStack – taking away the pain of cloud management

by Canonical on 1 September 2014

BootStack (short for: build, operate, and optionally transfer) is the new offering from Canonical to round up its cloud portfolio. Utilising their experience...

Cloud and server

Telco clouds reach new heights with Ubuntu OpenStack

by Canonical on 18 August 2014

Ubuntu OpenStack is not only the world’s most popular OpenStack distribution, but also the most dominant among so-called “OpenStack super-users”. Canonical...

Cloud and server

Ubuntu Cloud documentation – 14.04 LTS

by Canonical on 21 May 2014

This article is out of date. Please visit for up-to-date instructions on installing OpenStack. Deploying production grade OpenStack with...

Cloud and server

What’s new in Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS?

by Canonical on 17 April 2014

Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS, which goes live today, is the third Ubuntu LTS release designed for cloud. After more than four years, we finally see the cloud...


Ubuntu Desktop: a proven, leading-edge, low-cost OS perfect for education

by Canonical on 17 December 2013

Ubuntu is becoming more and more popular in the education sector globally. Every day millions of students conduct research, produce assignments, correspond...

Cloud and server

Hit the ground running with Ubuntu OpenStack training

by Canonical on 30 October 2013

Canonical was the first company to commercially distribute and support OpenStack, under the Ubuntu Cloud Infrastructure brand. Ubuntu is also the reference...

Cloud and server

Ubuntu Cloud Guest

by peter-mahnke on 29 August 2013

Ubuntu is the most popular guest operating system in the world’s major public clouds. What makes Ubuntu such a natural choice for cloud providers and users?...

Cloud and server

OpenStack primer

by Canonical on 29 August 2013

This short document introduces you to OpenStack and its components, what you can change and customise, and why Ubuntu and OpenStack work so well together.

Cloud and server

Top 10 questions about MAAS

by Canonical on 29 August 2013

This FAQ summarises the most important things you need to know about MAAS (metal-as-a-service). It covers what MAAS is, how it works with other Ubuntu cloud...

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