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The Ubuntu OpenStack Training Programme


on 3 October 2014

This article was last updated 9 years ago.

More training options have been a long-standing request by our customers. Following the on-site, 2-week course we offer as part of our consulting and support portfolio, and Jumpstart Training which includes a 2-day course by Canonical engineers on an Orange Box and a loan of the box for two weeks, we are now proud to offer the third piece of the Canonical training portfolio. The Ubuntu OpenStack Training course is a one-week, classroom-based combination of lectures and lab work, and gives a comprehensive introduction to Ubuntu OpenStack and our leading cloud toolset including Juju for service orchestration, MAAS for hardware provisioning and Landscape for systems management and monitoring.

The first training of this kind is taking place in Paris, during the week preceding the OpenStack Summit (27-31 October 2014), so you can become an Ubuntu OpenStack expert and enhance your participation at the summit on the same trip. You will receive a certificate of completion following an assessment at the end of the week, and as an OpenStack Summit attendee, you also receive a special discount of $1,500 off the list price of $2,495, so you only pay $995.

Time and places for this offer are limited, so book your place today to avoid disappointment!

For an overview of the training programme and a course outline, take a look at the attached factsheet.


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