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New Ubuntu 7.10 Variants for KDE Enthusiasts and Educators


on 15 October 2007

This article was last updated 9 years ago.

Edubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Now Include Thin Client Improvements, Preview of KDE 4 Beta

To coincide with the Ubuntu 7.10 launch, Canonical Ltd. announced today the upcoming availability of updates to Edubuntu, Kubuntu, and Xubuntu derivatives, including advanced thin client capabilities and a KDE 4 Beta tech preview. The latest versions will be available for free download on Thursday 18 October. Canonical is the commercial sponsor of Ubuntu. Ubuntu is the award-winning Linux distribution for the desktop, laptop, thin client and server which brings together the best of open source software every 6 months.

About Edubuntu 7.10

Edubuntu is an education version of Ubuntu, designed to allow a teacher or network administrator to setup and maintain a classroom quickly and easily. It includes educational applications, an office suite, web browser, communication tools, and a secure operating system.

Edubuntu 7.10 introduces improvements to thin client functionality across the board, from increased speed through use of compressed images to an improved login manager now offering autologin, unencrypted graphics transport on demand, multiple server support and theming for all Ubuntu derivatives.

Edubuntu is now available with a new meta package for easy setup. Users will enjoy advanced session management applications, including lockdown and profile management; easier installation of educational applications; and collaborative editing with gobby, a flexible collaborative editor available through the default Edubuntu 7.10 installation.

About Kubuntu 7.10

Kubuntu is a user friendly operating system based on Ubuntu and KDE, the K Desktop Environment.

Kubuntu 7.10 comes with the KDE 4 Technical Preview which is a great opportunity for KDE enthusiasts to view and contribute to the future of KDE. Dolphin file manager and Strigi desktop search make the management and retrieval of files easier than ever. In addition, Kubuntu now offers Restricted Manager to easily install proprietary drivers, an on-screen keyboard for improved accessibility and the latest versions of Open Office (2.3) and of Amarok (1.4.7) so you can rediscover your music.

About Xubuntu 7.10 and Gobuntu 7.10

Gobuntu 7.10 is the debut full release of the Ubuntu version that is entirely composed of open source non-restricted software. For a certain user type, Gobuntu will act as the test bed for developing a user-friendly operating system with no compromise in terms of the open source philosophy. It is recommended only for experienced Linux enthusiasts.

Xubuntu is built on the Ubuntu base and is ideal for old computers or or any system which does not meet the minimum requirements for Ubuntu. Xubuntu 7.10 adds many of the GNOME features currently in the full Ubuntu release making the Xubuntu release a more feature full experience for users while still working on less powerful machines.

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