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Multi-cloud infrastructure in Italy

This article was last updated 1 year ago.

The Italian version of the blog post is also available

When: 12th of May 2021,10AM – 12PM EET
Where: Italian virtual space

Talk multi-cloud infrastructure

Time is flying and there is less than one month left before the first event that Canonical & Ubuntu organise in Italy. The main topic of the live talk will be multi-cloud infrastructure, having as speakers both Canonical experts & partners.

On the 12th of May 2021, the 2-hours event will be held on BrightTalk. From live talks from our speakers to Q&A sessions and the opportunity to have a technical conversation with Canonical experts, there will be plenty of occasions to learn about multi-cloud infrastructure.

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Meet our speakers

Canonical experts

Lorenzo Cavassa is part of the IHV & Alliances team at Canonical and has been with the company for more than 7 years, being an expert in Open Source technologies and how they enable performance within companies. He has been an active member of the community, being present in the past at CodeMotion Rome 2020 & 2021. 

During the event, you will learn from Lorenzo about:

  • Charmed Openstack: from design to support, the private cloud is available on Ubuntu
  • Charmed Kubernetes: the reference Kubernetes platform for all public clouds, being delivered across the widest range of clouds.
  • Charmed Kubeflow: a fully integrated stack for Machine Learning, from data ingestion to training and serving

Giuseppe Petralia is part of the BootStack Engineering team. He has been within the company for 3 years and has expertise in professional managed services. He comes with a deep understanding of the whole picture, from deployment to support, sharing with us the experience of having Canonical as a customer of its own product.

During the event, you will learn from Giuseppe about:

  • How to enable deployment of managed services: managed Kubernetes, managed Openstack and Kubernetes on top of Openstack
  • Support flows that Canonical has developed to help its customers
  • How efficiency can be reached by using automation and scheduled work
  • What are the tools that Canonical has available for monitoring

Canonical partners

Franco Fiorese is part of the IT team of DXC, one of our cloud partners. He has experience with cloud services and cloud vendors. Throughout the years, Franco collaborated with Canonical in order to migrate to OpenStack and optimise companies’ activities.

During the event, you will learn from Franco:

  • How to enable monitoring, maintenance and management of cloud services using SPC
  • Openstack migration: experience from a customer
  • How OpenStack migration improved the company’s activities

Alex Barchiesi is responsible of RnD and Cloud federation of GARR, Italy’s leading research and education network consortium. He has experience in open source technologies and designed the GARR federated cloud architecture. In 2017, our partnership has been made public and GARR announced the creation of a federated Openstack in Italy for R&D, but our story continues and Alex will talk about his experience using Canonical’s product.

During the event, you will learn from Alex about:

  • The GARR federated Cloud reference architecture
  • Automation recipe to have a Cloud region
  • Administrative Delegation to stay in control of your resources

During the event, all our speakers will be live and will be present to answer your questions. We already started conversations on Telegram, so join us if you are keen to meet Canonical experts.

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Further reading

If you would like to read more, we have a series of pieces of content that you  might be interested in:

Note: All content is in Italian


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