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Magical Mystery Cafe


on 23 April 2010

There will be those of you reading this who will say “only in Japan” and ordinarily I would shy away from that sort of thing but in this case I think you’re right. Cabel Sasser is co-founder of a software company I’ve long admired and found a very interesting place to get a drink while he was in Japan.

"I'll have what he's having?"

The whole post is worth a read but the basic idea is that you get what the person before you ordered

This gives you the chance to play a really fun game. Do you choose to bestow a lovely treat on the person after you or do you try and get away with buying the cheapest thing on the menu in the hopes that you get something good?

I wonder if this would work outside of Japan or away from somewhere like a design museum that probably attracts more creative and fun minded people.

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