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Meet Canonical at Hannover Messe USA 2022

This article was last updated 1 year ago.

Hannover Messe USA is almost here! With a 114,000+ net sq. ft exhibition area, 500+ companies, 129400+ registrants and 100+ countries represented, Hannover Messe USA is the largest gathering of industrial manufacturing in North America.

Join Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, at Hannover Messe USA to discuss open source innovation in industrial technology. You can meet with the Canonical team on-site in Chicago and pick our technical experts’ brains about your industrial use case. 

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Accelerate your technology adoption

Industrial is a key focus area for Canonical. We are fully committed to supporting industrial pioneers across their digitisation journeys by providing a best-in-class experience of consuming open-source software.

At Hannover Messe USA, you’ll connect with world-leading suppliers who transitioned from manually updating legacy machinery on the shop floor to hardware-agnostic systems updated over-the-air (OTA). Those forward-thinkers and innovators push the envelope of digital infrastructure by adopting Ubuntu Core, the most popular Linux-based operating system (OS) purposefully designed for Industry 4.0. 

Ubuntu Core makes your devices smarter, enabling a smooth transition towards software-defined industrial manufacturing based on container technology.

Join us at Hannover Messe USA to discuss how we can help you tap into the fourth industrial revolution

Experience innovation

At booth 134,359 we will also showcase how we are setting the stage for the future of digitisation in manufacturing and accelerating industrial transformation. 

Real-time data reading from field devices: How do industrial manufacturers read and manage real-time data produced by their remote devices in the field? The demo will provide a web interface offering a graphical view of real-time data collected by sensors on an Ubuntu Core-powered device.

Detection system for industrial manufacturing:  What does the future of industrial technology look like? Learn how Ubuntu Core powers automation in next-gen smart factories by enabling the cutting-edge recognition of industrial manufacturing machinery and components.

And much more! Talk to the experts behind the most popular Linux OS to find out how else we are bringing the future of industrial automation forward.

Ultra Secure Ubuntu for Industry 4.0:   For industry 4.0 to show its full potential in factories, manufacturers must overcome the boundaries between operational technology and the IT world. Ubuntu Core bridges the gap by porting those technologies which have proven successful in IT down to devices on the shop floor. 

Ubuntu Core brings the same end-to-end security and reliability to every automation level of modern industrial factories

With the end-to-end security ecosystem around Ubuntu Core, industrial manufacturers’ equipment and tools are now as secure as their servers. 

Reliable operation for Long Life: Ubuntu Core’s built-in security is not limited to the OS layer via bug fixes and CVE patches. Every industrial application on top of Ubuntu Core sits in a secure, sandboxed environment. Furthermore, Canonical maintains Ubuntu Core throughout devices’ lifetime. Industrial manufacturers receive a decade of ultra-reliable software updates on their low-powered, inaccessible, and often remotely administered embedded devices in the field. 

By using an OS designed for utmost reliability and optimised for security, world-leading suppliers and manufacturers are free to concentrate their efforts and redirect resources towards their value-add activities.

See you at Hannover Messe USA

Book an in-person meeting with our experts to learn how we are building the future of industrial manufacturing.

Request a meeting at Hannover Messe

Date: Sept 12 – 17, 2022

Venue: McCormick Place East, Building 1, Level 3 (Lakeside Center), Chicago, IL, USA

Booth: Booth 134359, Building 1, Level 3

Let’s keep in touch

Your learning journey doesn’t end at Hannover Messe USA. Discover how we are accelerating the world’s move towards Industry 4.0 in our upcoming webinar on IT/OT convergence.

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