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Cloud Chatter: October 2016


on 4 November 2016

Welcome to our October edition. We begin with details on our latest release, version 16.10. Next up, we bring you a webinar exploring how to manage diverse workloads with Juju, followed by our new live kernel patching feature. We also have a number of exciting announcements with partners including DataART and ARM. If you are in western Europe, stop by one of IDC’s Enterprise Open Source Roadshows to get an up close look at model driven operations with Juju. And finally, don’t miss out on our round up of industry news.

Canonical releases Ubuntu 16.10

Ubuntu released version 16.10 with hybrid cloud operations, bare-metal cloud performance, the ability to lift-and-shift 80% of Linux VMs to machine containers, Kubernetes for world-leading process-container coordination, full container support in OpenStack, and telco-grade networking latency enhancements. Learn more

Webinar: Managing diverse workloads with Juju

In this webinar we explore the common challenges organisations face in deploying and managing Windows workloads at scale on OpenStack. We look at how Windows Charms can integrate seamlessly with existing Juju Charms to provide a powerful way to reduce workload deployments from days to minutes on both bare metal and public or private clouds. We also cover the benefits of Microsoft on OpenStack, Hyper-V integration and Microsoft’s support of Hyper-V in OpenStack.

Live kernel patching for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS goes live

Canonical announced the availability of a new service for Ubuntu which any user can enable on their current installations – the Canonical Livepatch Service. This new live kernel patching service can be used on any Ubuntu 16.04 LTS system to minimise unplanned downtime and maintain the highest levels of security. Learn more

DataArt to deploy Juju for Big Software collaboration

Canonical and DataArt announced that DataArt will use Juju for the model and management of “Big Software” implementations such as Network Function Virtualization (NFV) solutions for Telcos and Enterprise. Read more

Canonical and ARM collaborate on OpenStack

Canonical and ARM, the industry’s leading semiconductor IP company, announced that Ubuntu OpenStack and Ceph are now commercially available and supported on processors and servers based on 64-bit ARM® v8-A architecture. Read more

Carleton University creates research cloud with Ubuntu OpenStack and IBM

Canonical announced it has completed work with Carleton University in Ottawa to create a campus Research Cloud on IBM Power servers. The cloud will provide centralized computational resources to researchers on campus as well as supporting innovative and cutting-edge projects. Researchers can now use the cloud to develop new applications or to access commercial software. Learn more

Canonical takes part in Microsoft and IDC’s Enterprise Open Source Roadshow

Canonical will be demonstrating how to apply model driven operations to address the current phase change in software operations at the Enterprise Open Source Roadshow, taking place in a number of western European countries this autumn and winter. The roadshow will showcase a number of Open Source technologies that are driving change in the software-defined datacentre. Learn more


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