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Introducing Charmed Aether SD-Core: Automated open source 5G mobile core network

We are excited to announce that Charmed Aether SD-Core – our automation solution for the open source 5G core networking software distributed by The Linux Foundation – is available as a beta release.

Charmed Aether SD-Core is a set of Juju charms (open source software operators) that can automate the deployment, integration and lifecycle management of The Linux Foundation (LF)’s 5G core network software. This software is distributed under LF’s Aether directed fund project, which includes the Software-Defined Core (SD-Core) sub-project. Charmed Aether SD-Core makes it possible to operate a fully functional open source 5G core network on a Kubernetes system running on common off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware with full software automation.

Bringing automation to open source 5G mobile core networks

A 5G core network consists of multiple components running as microservices, which need configuration and management to run a fully functional and reliable software-based mobile core network.

However, implementing and integrating these components is not easy. You need to configure each microservice correctly, and set and validate additional parameters before interfacing with other microservices. What’s more, as separate pieces of software, each microservice must be managed at runtime and not just at deployment time. Network operators address this complexity and ensure that all microservices deploy, integrate, and run as expected, while reliably delivering optimal performance. 

Tailored for the needs of private mobile networks (PMN), The Linux Foundation’s Aether project distributes open source for 5G mobile core networks. This makes it possible for an enterprise to deploy and operate its own 5G mobile network to address the connectivity needs of its business operations. With Canonical’s software operators, it is now straightforward to set up and operate Aether’s core network without deep domain-specific knowledge. This empowers system admins and IT personnel with a much simpler method for deploying and managing a 5G core network.

5G mobile networks for everyone

Charmed Aether SD-Core is an open source solution for everyone who wants to build their own 5G network on a Kubernetes platform that operates on COTS hardware. 

Businesses that need a private mobile network which they can fully own will now have a frictionless and cost-effective way to run a core network with built-in automation. Developers who are looking into integrating their software solutions and testing over a 5G network can set up their own environment with ease. Research institutions that specialise in 5G technologies but need an open source 5G mobile core that is easy to deploy and operate can immediately leverage Charmed Aether SD-Core.

Try the beta today

If you are ready to start your journey to open source 5G, you can check out our  documentation page for instructions on how to deploy the beta version of Charmed Aether SD-Core on Kubernetes.

Our telco team is constantly improving and adding new features to our software operators. We are looking for 5G researchers, telecom specialists, network operators and technology enthusiasts to deploy and test Charmed Aether SD-Core and give us feedback.

Learn more about software operators

Read more about Juju and explore hundreds of operators for open source software at Charmhub.

Contact us

Get in touch with us for your telco deployment needs and your transition to open source in mobile networking. Canonical provides a full stack for your telecom infrastructure. To learn more about our telco solutions, visit our webpage at

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