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Canonical Technical Support for Ubuntu and open source during the COVID-19 pandemic


on 19 March 2020

All technical support services are currently at 100% SLA. We have updated our operational plan to accommodate expected sick leave among colleagues and their families as COVID-19 moves through our communities.

We are committed to  24/7 technical support, configuration advice and online access to your accounts and support tickets.

24/7 Technical Support and Managed Services Preparedness

Our support teams have the most comprehensive redundancy in the industry, and are designed exactly for situations like this. Our teams are disaster-ready, dedicated to doing one job: responding to your support needs 24/7.

Here’s how we prepared to keep you covered during this crisis: 

  • All engineers work from home and are distributed globally. This is not a new position for Canonical, our Support Teams have been remote workers since the company was founded.  We are currently based in over 40 countries and are not susceptible to impacts to any one country.
  • Canonical Technical Support has a geographic staffing model, this allows for redundancy in skills outside any one country or region. Each region is prepared to back up other regions as necessary.  
  • All of our support systems (phone & online) are redundant, hosted in the 3 major geographical areas, Americas, EMEA & APAC.

Engagement Project Management Office

Canonical’s Engagement Project Management team is in a unique position in the industry to provide continuous service to our customers.  The EPMO team has been remote based since its inception and is prepared for contingencies and crisis:

  • The EPMO team has the tools, procedures and experience to continue to drive and deliver projects from start to completion without disruption in a remote working environment. 
  • We are distributed across 13 countries in the Americas, EMEA and APAC.
  • Our distribution and skill set will allow for maximum contingency and backup for any need that may arise around the globe.

We will be providing updates on our COVID-19 preparedness and information as things evolve on this blog post.

Should you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact our Technical Support Team via one of the following methods:

United Kingdom
Local: +44 203 656 5270
Toll free: +44 800 0588703
United States
Local: +1 737 2040281
Toll free: +1 888 986 1311
Local: +4961512746800
Toll free: +49 800 1838220
Local: +34 932201120
Toll free: +34 900 833871
Local: +33 184889310
Toll free: +33 800913911
Local: +88 6255924768
Toll free: +88 6801127797
Local: +52 5541636670
Toll free: +52 1800 0623718
Local: +86 1057897356
Toll free: +86 400 842 3255
Local: +82 318108750
Toll free: +82 798142033848
Local: +81-3-4577-7725
Toll free: 0066-33-813640

We are all together in this time of crisis, and we take our job of supporting Ubuntu, all of our products and customers very seriously. Thank you for entrusting us. 

Pete Graner

Vice President, Global Support Services

Ubuntu cloud

Ubuntu offers all the training, software infrastructure, tools, services and support you need for your public and private clouds.

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