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Canonical demoes its Kubernetes solutions live at KubeCon EU 2020!

This article is more than 3 years old.

The wait is over – KubeCon & ClouNativeCon Virtual EU 2020 is finally here and we’re so thrilled to open our booth’s proverbial doors to all you fellow Kubernetes folks! We’ve already mentioned a couple of things about what you can expect to find at the Canonical and Ubuntu booth at KubeCon this year, but we know some of you have been asking more about the live demos that our technical team will be giving. You’ll be able to ask questions directly to our engineers live, but you’re always welcome to pre-boko a one-to-one consultation with them beforehand!

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Here’s a taste of what you’ll get to see at our booth, from August 17th to 20th:

Canonical Kubecon Europe 2020

Canonical’s demo schedule

1. Hybrid cloud Kubernetes: connecting the dots with Azure Arc-enabled Kubernetes

Canonical has recently teamed up with Microsoft, to enable Kubernetes users to manage multiple K8s clusters from a single platform – Azure Arc. Even if you’re not a Microsoft user, you can attach any on-prem or public cloud Kubernetes cluster to Arc, and manage them from a centralised point. In this demo, watch how to administrate multiple and different K8s clusters with Canonical’s distributions of Kubernetes and Arc.

2. Charmed kubeflow as a Kubernetes workload

Canonical’s distribution of kubeflow – Charmed kubeflow – supports the most popular tools for  ML – like JupiteHub and Tensorflow – in a standardised workflow working on Kubernetes. In this demo, we demonstrate how simple and fast it is to run Charmed kubeflow on top of any Kubernetes distribution – including Charmed Kubernetes and microK8s. 

3. MicroK8s HA: lightweight Kubernetes done right

MicroK8s is the Canonical’s lightweight Kubernetes, that allows for Kubernetes to be installed on any machine in under 60 seconds. Initially, microK8s was a single K8s cluster project, however as users grew to love this easy-to-deploy distribution, Canonical now enables them to create small K8s clusters for higher scalability. Watch this video to witness yourself how easily you can run a command, create your K8s cluster, and run it in an instance using microK8s.

4. MicroK8s with Multus add-on 

 Multus is a multiple interface per container project. Allowing users to establish complex networking for their containers, it’s often met with particular popularity within the telco industry. Being a popular functionality on Kubernetes, Canonical has implemented Multus on MicroK8s – the lightweight Kubernetes distribution that can be installed anywhere in under a minute. 

5. Charmed OSM

Open source MANO (OSM) is an orchestration tool that telcos require to run their network functions. Canonical has used its charm technology in its distribution of OSM, and enables telcos to run it on top of Kubernetes. Discover how. 

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Find Canonical & Ubuntu at KubeCon EU 2020

Not sure how to find us?
This year, we’ll be waiting for you at Silver Hall B. Simply click on the Canonical logo to enter our booth!

Our team will be waiting to chat with you all things multi-cloud Kubernetes, answer your questions, hear your stories, and give free consultations.

How to connect with the Canonical & Ubuntu team at KubeCon EU 2020

We’re excited to speak with every single one of you and learn from each other! Here’s a few ways to connect with us:

– Chat with the team and your peers via the messaging board on our booth.
– Browse through our resources, and let us know how they apply to your Kubernetes use cases and questions.
– Access live demos by clicking on the ‘Ubuntu Demo Room‘ tab.
– Enter a raffle to win a 20.04 release T-shirt or rare Ubuntu backpack by throwing your name in.
– Join the community on the KubeCon Slack workspace and come find us in the dedicated Canonical channel.

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See you all there!

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What is Kubernetes?

Kubernetes, or K8s for short, is an open source platform pioneered by Google, which started as a simple container orchestration tool but has grown into a platform for deploying, monitoring and managing apps and services across clouds.

Learn more about Kubernetes ›

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