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Don’t get left behind – Meet Canonical at MWC Barcelona 2023 & let’s talk Telco

Miona Aleksic

on 30 January 2023

Ubuntu Pro advances in AI/ML and Micro Clouds for MEC are transforming the Telecom industry

Another Mobile World Congress is just around the corner and our team at Canonical is excited to join the world’s largest and most influential connectivity event once again.

Telecommunications is a key area for Canonical, and with the latest technological advances brought about by open-source technologies, we are leading the way in providing a best-in-class experience of using open-source software, with groundbreaking developments in OpenRAN automation and distributed compute management that outperforms our competition.

Come and speak to us at MWC and learn how we can help your organization stay ahead of the curve with our pioneering open-source solutions.

You’ll have the opportunity to meet with our world-class team of experts and thought leaders, who are eager to share their insights and expertise with you. See you in Hall 3, 3F10Ex. 

Hot Topics


OpenRAN, distributed infrastructure and AI at the edge are amongst the key topics for this year’s MWC. Join us to hear more about solutions such as: 

  • OpenRAN – highly distributed open source infrastructure automation and deployment
  • Canonical’s real-time kernel for Intel FlexRAN and hardware accelerators
  • Lifecycle management of Kubernetes substrates across private and public clouds for private mobile and macro network deployments.
  • AI/ML and micro clouds for MEC – get access to the most advanced technologies available.


You will also be able to see these solutions in action, and check out several demos we prepared with our partners at Intel and Spectro Cloud. 

With Spectro Cloud, we will be demonstrating the deployment and lifecycle management capabilities (create, scale, upgrade and destroy) of Spectro Cloud’s Palette automation engine when deploying Canonical’s Microk8s Kubernetes distribution on top of Ubuntu OS with real time kernel. We will be showing three scenarios: the deployment of a Microk8s cluster on AWS, at the Edge, as well as the import of an existing Kubernetes cluster deployed on GCP.

Here is a quick peek at what you can expect from this demo:

Another joint demo we will showcase is the auto-scaling of Intel FlexRAN components based on MicroK8s and Ubuntu real-time kernel support. In this demo, RAN components are deployed in a microservices architecture on Canonical’s MicroK8s cluster. It showcases RAN dynamically adjusting resources to meet the QoS of user traffic demand using vDU auto-scaling technology and AI-enhanced network slice RRM algorithm.

Let’s ask the Big Questions

What’s changing in the telco industry? How can open-source play a role to overcome them? 

Scalability and complexity pose challenges to the telco industry.  Open-source technology building blocks provide a unified approach for service providers to meet any current or future use cases, from OpenRAN, next-generation Core (5G and beyond) or AI at the edge.

If you are interested in building modern telecom infrastructure the open source way or have an interesting use case to discuss, our team is happy to share insights and offer its expertise.

We look forward to meeting everyone in Barcelona.

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Save costs by operating your infrastructure and applications the smart way, ensuring full automation from day 0 to day N.

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