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Canonical at Grace Hopper 2021


on 23 September 2021

This article is more than 2 years old.

Canonical is excited to announce our virtual attendance at the Grace Hopper Conference September 27th – October 1st, 2021. We are thrilled to sponsor, and once again attend, an event that aligns with our values of bringing enthusiastic, diverse, and talented employees into our rapidly-expanding global workforce.

During the Grace Hopper Conference 2021, Canonical aims for attendees to gain knowledge of our open positions and insights from various team members through a day in the life of a Canonical employee. Participants are encouraged to check our YouTube channel to learn about roles from Sales, Support, Field and IoT Engineering. There team members who are involved in our internal resource groups cover topics such as Women in Tech, parents, LGBTQIA+, and more. Engagement is encouraged company wide, and presented during onboarding procedures, allowing every new employee the chance for involvement from their first day.

We will host several live content sessions from various business units throughout the conference. Below you will find the dates, times, and topics of each session along with the ability to register directly.

  • September 28th; 12:00p PST  Why Support rocks
    • Attendees will walk away with an understanding of a modern support organization and dispel some of the common misconceptions about support.
    • Hosted by Angela Piotrowski & Richard Zack, Technical Support Team
  • September 29th; 8:00a PST  The Switch Up: from software engineer to UX Designer
    • How one Canonical employee found passion in UX during engineering school, ultimately shaping her life purpose to pursue what she loves through coding and design. Includes highlights from a ‘day in the life’ of a UXer at Canonical working with the MAAS product.
    • Hosted by Amy Pattanasethanon, UX Design team
  • Sept 28th; 1p PST  Choose Your Own Adventure: how all roads lead to building alliances
    • Cindy has worked in labs and fabs, from biology to chemistry to physics, led deep research on semiconductor devices and AI hardware, and now aims to enable every chip on the planet to thrive with open source software.   Building and growing complex alliances has been a common ingredient at each step.    She shares alliance stories and lessons from that journey, and describes her current work at Canonical to build alliances with major semiconductor companies and startups alike around open source software.
    • Hosted by Cindy Goldberg, Vice President of Silicon Alliances
  • September 29th; 11:00a PST  Ubuntu’s cloud reach
    • How a tiny team of eight engineers works magic with billions of hours of computing usage, and keeps Ubuntu alive on the cloud
    • Hosted by Chloé Smith, Software Engineer – Ubuntu Cloud team
  • September 29; 12:00p PST  The Switch Up: from biochemistry to Linux Support Engineer
    • How I made the transition from a Biochemistry Lab Technologist to a Linux Support Engineer. Challenges along the way, roles in-between, and shared skills that made the transition easier. Also how a scientific mind-set can thrive in Support.
    • Hosted by Angela Piotrowski, Technical Support
  • September 30th; 8:00a PST  Agile project management
    • How Canonical uses aspects of the agile methodology to deliver features and work more efficiently across our cross functional teams
    • Hosted by Cristina Dresch, Web & Design Programme Manager
  • September 30th; 8:30a PST The Switch Up: from dentistry to Web Engineer
    • The transition from dentistry to web engineer, challenges along the way, lessons learned, what it’s like starting your first job as a web engineer (at Canonical) through a day in the life working on the web and design team. 
    • Hosted by Beth Collins, Web Engineering
  • September 30th; 1:00 PST Contributing to open-source & how to get involved in the community 
    • How to get started in an open-source community, tips & tricks, how to get help and why it’s important to get involved. 
    • Hosted by Monica Ayhens-Madon, Ubuntu Community Advocate

We look forward to meeting you at vGHC 2021. Don’t forget to stop by our virtual booth to meet or interview with our team. 

For a full list of available positions, along with our culture and ethics policies, please visit our careers page.  

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Canonical Careers page:

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