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Randall Ross

Community Manager

Randall Ross is an Ubuntu Community Manager with Canonical. He is passionate about all things Ubuntu and works to help grow the community that builds remarkable Ubuntu and OpenPOWER-based solutions. Randall is active in the OpenPOWER Foundation and the Juju community. Randall has built and manages one of the largest face-to-face Ubuntu enthusiast and contributor communities in his home city of Vancouver, Canada. Prior to joining Canonical, Randall has enjoyed over 20 years working in various IT senior management and consulting roles to ensure that technology solutions closely match business (and individual) needs.

2 posts by Randall Ross

Cloud and server

Everyone Can Have a New “Datacenter” Right Now, Even You!

by Randall Ross on 29 October 2015

A (new) datacenter? Me? Really? Why would I want that? Answer 1: Because if you’re an individual, you have problems to solve that cannot be solved by...

Cloud and server

Juju: Re-Framing the Discussion

by Randall Ross on 4 August 2015

A while back, just before Dockercon 2015, the friendly folks behind Ubuntu, Juju, LXD, and a whole bunch of other goodness hosted a special event that was all...