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Rae Shambrook

3 posts by Rae Shambrook


What is the best way to display online status? We tested it

by Rae Shambrook on 17 August 2016

Recently I have been working on the visual design for RCS (which stands for rich communications service) group chat. While working on the “Group Info” screen,...


Colour palette updates

by Rae Shambrook on 20 May 2016

Over the past few months, we’ve given you a peek into our evolving Suru design language with our wallpaper, convergence and Clock App blog posts. Suru is...


Ubuntu Clock Update Reflects Convergence Design Thinking

by Rae Shambrook on 18 January 2016

In the coming months, users will start noticing things looking more and more different on Ubuntu. As we gradually roll out our new and improved Suru visual...