Kyle Fazzari

Staff Engineer

Kyle (aka "kyrofa") is a husband, father of four, roboticist, and a staff engineer at Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu. He works on all things robotics in Ubuntu for server, desktop, and IoT. He's a contributor to both versions 1 and 2 of the Robot Operating System (ROS), a member of the ROS 2 Technical Steering Committee, and co-chair of the ROS 2 Security Working Group. He's also a core contributor to the snapcraft CLI as well as snapd, two key technologies behind snaps and Ubuntu Core.

28 posts by Kyle Fazzari

Internet of Things

ROS production: our prototype [2/5]

by Kyle Fazzari on 13 April 2017

This is the second blog post in this series about ROS production. In the previous post we discussed why Ubuntu Core was a good fit for production robotics. In...

Internet of Things

From ROS prototype to production on Ubuntu Core

by Kyle Fazzari on 6 April 2017

My background is pretty heavily littered with robotics. A natural side effect of this is that I’ve published numerous posts discussing snaps, Ubuntu Core, and...

Internet of Things

Distributing a ROS system among multiple snaps

by Kyle Fazzari on 22 March 2017

One of the key tenets of snaps is that they bundle their dependencies. The fact that they’re self-contained helps their transactional-ness: upgrading or...

Internet of Things

ROS on arm64 with Ubuntu Core

by Kyle Fazzari on 27 January 2017

Previous Robot Operating System (ROS) releases only supported i386, amd64, and armhf. I even tried building ROS Indigo from source for arm64 about a year ago,...

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