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Kevin W Monroe

Big Data Solutions Developer

Kevin joined Canonical in 2014 with his focus set on modeling complex software. He found his niche on the Juju Big Software team where his mission is to capture operational knowledge of Big Data and Machine Learning applications into repeatable (and reliable!) solutions.

4 posts by Kevin W Monroe

Cloud and server
Cloud and server

Monitor your Kubernetes Cluster

by Kevin W Monroe on 16 January 2018

This article originally appeared on Kevin Monroe’s blog Keeping an eye on logs and metrics is a necessary evil for cluster admins. The benefits are clear:...

Cloud and server

Juju Big Data hits the conference scene

by Kevin W Monroe on 16 February 2016

Though only a few weeks into 2016, the Juju Big Data team has already been busy engaging diverse communities at conferences and meetups. We’d like to share...

Cloud and server

Realtime Syslog Analytics

by Kevin W Monroe on 24 September 2015

As Cory alluded to in our intro post, we’re excited to talk about a bundle that demonstrates an end-to-end Big Data solution: Realtime Syslog Analytics....