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Corey Bryant

Software Engineer

Corey Bryant is an Ubuntu core developer and software engineer at Canonical on the OpenStack Engineering team, primarily focusing on OpenStack packaging for Ubuntu and OpenStack charm development for Juju.  He's passionate about open-source software and enjoys working with people from all over the world on a common cause.

2 posts by Corey Bryant

Cloud and server

OpenStack in a Snap

by Corey Bryant on 6 July 2017

OpenStack is complex and many OpenStack community members are working hard to make the deployment and operation of OpenStack easier. Much of this time is...

Cloud and server

Deploying OpenStack from source to scalable multi-node environments

by Corey Bryant on 17 June 2015

The Juju OpenStack charms now have support for deploying OpenStack from source! This means that you can point the charms at the OpenStack git...