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Why Buy An Ubuntu Certified System?

By Victor Tuson Palau, 15 August 2011

What do Chianti wines, Organic foods, and Spanish Ham have in common with Ubuntu Certified? The simple answer is that they all stand for quality. Chianti is...

Ubuntu Arabic, in print!

By Canonical, 15 August 2011

A beta of Ubuntu Font Family Arabic, in print as part of the testing and debugging process for the Arabic coverage.The magazine is an intriguing tri-lingual...

Thunderbird & Evolution Usability Testing

By Canonical, 4 August 2011

Recently we hired an external consultant to compare the usability of 2 email clients: Thunderbird and Evolution. I have taken some highlights from the report...

Ubuntu helps bridge the digital divide in rural India

By Canonical, 4 August 2011

Powering servers and desktops for rural networking pioneer Summary Airjaldi’s vision is to provide broadband services in rural India where terrain is...

New game titles in the Ubuntu Software Center

By Canonical, 3 August 2011

We’ve recently added a few titles to the Ubuntu Software Center and have been hard at work on getting more diverse applications landed there. BEEP! by Big Fat...

Canonical launches technical support for Ubuntu on most popular public clouds

By Canonical, 28 July 2011

Full support and systems management services from the Ubuntu experts ready to go for most popular OS on the open public cloud Canonical today announces the...

Canonical announces the Ubuntu Advantage Partner Programme for resellers

By Canonical, 25 July 2011

Global network of Canonical partner organisations to bring local delivery of services to businesses deploying Ubuntu London 25th July 2011: Canonical today...

Wireless dominoes

By Canonical, 19 July 2011

A while back we linked a video which explored organic displays, screens composed by “smart”, independent and moving pixels. The concept of “invisible”...

Ubuntu Certification Is Changing

By Victor Tuson Palau, 18 July 2011

Canonical offers a commercial certification programme where manufacturers (OEM & ODM) can apply for their systems to be validated and endorsed to work with...

SpaceChem – Now on the Ubuntu Software Center!

By Canonical, 13 July 2011

The Ubuntu Software Center welcomes it’s newest title, SpaceChem! A top rated, highly acclaimed game is now ready for you to purchase and play through the...

Ubuntu Orange is #dd4814

By Canonical, 13 July 2011

Say it loud and say it proud! #dd4814 is the Ubuntu Orange and we want the world to know about it!

Get excited and make things! – Wallpaper edition!

By Canonical, 8 July 2011

Not that long ago Matt Jones of BERG fame came up with a really lovely idea! In response to the keep calm and carry on posters from the Second World War that...