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Edgex archives

5 posts

Omnichannel Enablement: 4 technology success factors

By Michael Iatrou, 26 July 2022

For retailers considering a transition to omnichannel, there are four key success factors to keep in mind.

What’s the deal with edge computing?

By Adi Singh, 1 June 2020

With over 41 billion IoT devices expected to be active by 2027 — that’s at least 5 devices for every person on the planet — edge computing has emerged as a...

ObjectBox, database for IoT devices, adopts snaps for simplicity and ease of installation

By Sarah Dickinson, 10 December 2019

When designers put their heart and soul into making super-fast, easy-to-use software to help take Internet of Things (IoT) apps to the next level,...

EdgeX Foundry, the common framework for IoT edge computing, now available as a snap

By Tony Espy, 25 February 2019

EdgeX Foundry is now available as a snap, making it available to millions of Linux users and developers via the ever-expanding Snap Store. EdgeX Foundry is a...

Canonical shows EdgeX on ARM

By kzapalowicz, 14 December 2017

Beginning in March, I have been assigned to the Linaro organisation to carry on the work with the LITE (Linaro IoT and Embedded) group by researching design...