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Ubuntu Pro with Support

Ubuntu Pro with Support provides a supported, secure foundation for modern applications by adding 24x7 technical support for your Ubuntu Pro workloads on Azure, metered by the hour as a Private Offer.

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Ubuntu Pro

Ubuntu Pro for Azure is a premium image delivering the most comprehensive open source security and Azure compliance. Ubuntu Pro is suitable for small to large-scale Linux enterprise operations offering pay-as-you-go billing on your existing Azure invoice.

For more information about Ubuntu Pro on Azure, see

Ubuntu Pro with 24x7 Support

With 24x7 SLAed support and the widest open source security patching, teams can build on Ubuntu Pro with Support to secure their application's open source supply chain and receive expert assistance when they need it.

24x7 Support is available for the Ubuntu operating system (infrastructure) and can be extended to include application support for key open source applications.

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If you already purchase support from Azure, speak to us about adding and integrating Canonical's Support into your existing Azure support — ensuring you have vendor-backed, SLAed support above the hypervisor for your workloads, without having to make any changes to end user issue reporting.


Feature Ubuntu Ubuntu Pro Ubuntu Pro with Support
Security patches for 2,300+ Ubuntu infrastructure packages Yes Yes Yes
Security patches for 28,000+ open source packages, including Apache Kafka, MongoDB, RabbitMQ, Redis and NodeJS and key language ecosystems including Java, Python, Ruby and Javascript/Node.js No Yes Yes
Livepatch for instant kernel security and higher uptimes No Yes Yes
FIPS 140-2 and Common Criteria EAL2 certified components No Yes Yes
Hardening profiles, including CIS and DISA STIG, with CIS and other Shell security recommendations for production environments built into hardened images in the gallery No Yes Yes
Landscape fleet management No On request On request
Maintenance period 5 years 10 years 10 years
Knowledge Base No No Yes
Canonical-backed 24x7 Support with enterprise grade SLA, with possibilities to integrate into existing Azure support workflows No No Yes